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    * Kressman Taylor: Address unknown. 1938

    * Ganderton, Lucinda and Berridge, Lucy: Kissen und Decken. Textile Objekte für ein stimmungsvolles Ambiente. London 2003

    * Ravensburger: Dessous und Wäsche selbstgenäht. 1994

    * Die große Burda-Nähschule: Von Abnäher bis Zuschneiden. 1996

    * Ruth Zechlin: Werkbuch für Mädchen - und für alle die Freude am Werken haben. 1960

    * Kaffe Fasset: Caravan of Quilts. Rheinfelden 2005

    * Ravensburger: Patchwork und Quilten mit der Nähmaschine. 1994
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some more hearts

Posted by sanacopy - September 1, 2011

I took the remnants from our big sewing action and made some more hearts that will be given to breast cancer patients. Still, great idea. If you want to join, I am sure there will be an initiative nearby. And if you do not find one, start one yourself 😉


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dress like twins

Posted by sanacopy - August 25, 2011

is something I always thought of being creepy – except for real twins and only if theirs are 12 years and below. But because their is always some fabric left when I do a T-Shirt for my loved one I decided to accept a clothes match of a different kind. Only the two of us know about it 😉


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truck tarpaulin, two bags

Posted by sanacopy - August 15, 2011

after the first try sewing canvas I got from another friend a remnant of real truck trapaulin. I made a diaper bag for a friend and her newborn daughter and since some pieces were left I did a smaller bag for me.

Flowers made by IKEA, additional stuff recycled from old bags and a cagoule, both bags with zipper pockets.

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green-orange dress

Posted by sanacopy - Juli 20, 2011

Two fabric, one dress. I copied an old dress again, but I am not really satisfied with the fit. But finally  I understood the concept of straight grain 😉

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first try: canvas messenger bag

Posted by sanacopy - Juni 23, 2011

I got some canvans from a friend. It were the rest of a poster so it is a lot lighter than the material usually used for bags. But the sewing machine liked it and it hold books and netbooks whithout breaking. The flowers are a fabric I bought at IKEA, the inside fabric is a heavy linen, the carrying strap and the closures as well as the measurements are from an old army bag. It also has a zipper bag for the important stuff.

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some more copies

Posted by sanacopy - April 18, 2011

last remnants of the orange and the green fabric. need to shorten the seam a little more…

copy of the design of a well loved shirt using a different pattern – works but I have to take more care of using the same quality of fabrics and still something about the armholes is not right. Still: wearable…

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Burda 2/2011 – Modell 114

Posted by sanacopy - April 17, 2011

I tried again to sew with a bought pattern and found the result – though I did not even add the seam allowance – a bit to big for me. I even had to close the armholes to not let everybody watch down to my belly. Still I like the shirt.

And now I really own only the smallest remnants of the two fabrics.

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patched belt

Posted by sanacopy - März 15, 2011

for a friend, fitting to her bag

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micro IV

Posted by sanacopy - März 3, 2011

I did not give up, I was just focused to other projects 😉

But it is growing, still…

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relaxing exertion

Posted by sanacopy - Februar 27, 2011

I started yoga again and even bought my first yoga mattress. It needed a fine dress of course.

And because I got the remnants of some canvas I experimented a bit and did a small purse to take my valuables into the exercise  room. I still have some bigger parts of the canvas and plan to do a bigger bag, but the idea needs to ripe a little more.

Real relaxation needs unstressed eyes. A friend opened her own yoga studio and we made some give-aways for her and her clients.

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